Telecom, Network & Mobile


We offer telecoms infrastructure design and installation ranging from a single telephone in a room to multiple lines and PBX systems.


We have many years of designing and installing telecom and network solutions, and understand the need in the average home and business.

With internet speed ever increasing and the growing demand for it, it is important to have the correct infrastructure installed whether it’s a cat5, cat6 or a fibre network it has to be future proof as well.

Consulting with the client and architect we can set up a home or business network to suit any application necessary, preventing intrusion or a bottleneck across the network.

Our Structured cabling installations are carried out to the highest standards, and our experienced on-site engineering team ensures that the entire installation is fully tested using the latest technology before it is completed and signed off.

Also offering satellite internet solutions for areas with broadband availability and dial up speed problems.


With mobile and 3G reception being as important now as a network signal, we now offer a solution for improving your mobile signal inside most buildings. As long as you have one bar of signal on your network around some part of your property we can boost that signal to improve your phone conversations. We offer a site survey to quantify whether it is possible with your local reception and with the technology used. For further details please call.


We offer RF/SAT distribution system design and installation, with 20 years of RF distribution knowledge we offer basic systems all the way to fibre optic systems. We deal with satellite and aerial signals throughout the home letting customers make the most of subscriptions and enjoy their TV in all manner of different places throughout the home.

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