Media Server

You can store all of your music and movies in one place where they take up no space at all and are easier to access then ever before, the newest servers are easy to use and give you access to your media in many different ways.


Storing all of your music in one place means no more CD collection and your pc hard drive won’t be full, the best servers keep your music at a superb quality and being able to search your whole collection in seconds makes it easier to find you music. Servers allow you to make playlists for your home, like you would do on your iPod; this saves you having to keep changing the CD at a party and skip those tracks you don’t. Some media servers are also compatible with iTunes so that your music library and purchased are accessible via your media server.


An expanding DVD and Blu-Ray collection can all be stored on a dedicated media server that allows you access to your whole collection in any room in your house. Not only are your films at the best quality, the movie synopsis, cover art and all other details are all automatically retrieved for you and make it easy to find the movie you’re looking for.


Many music servers can be controlled via remote or touch panels making them as easy to use as your DVD player, but certain servers including the IMERGE collection can be accessed via your computer (over your wireless network) using a web interface making it even easier to select what media you want to listen to or watch.


A media server means you can easily backup your entire media collection onto an external hard drive so your media will never have to be replaced and will always be kept in a useable and future proof format.

We have training and experience with many media servers including IMERGE, Systemline, Crestron, XIVA and Sonos

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