Ease of Use

We pride ourselves in making a system as simple as possible to use without limiting its capabilities, in wall control and remote control is the best way to achieve this. In wall panels can vary from button control panels all the way to touch screens, and remotes can be as simple as your television remote all the way to touch screen wireless panels, depending on your budget and application.


Our in house team has many years experience with multi-room entertainment systems and what is easy use; we will always liaise with our customers to achieve an easy and fun way to control your system. Customization varies depending on your system but we will always make sure your music or movies are only a button press away.


We understand that your system is not just going to be used by you, we can make your system child friendly and so easy to use that grand-parents, baby sitters and friends will not struggle to put on the radio or watch TV.


Easy access to all of your media through out your home is a big part of the multi room entertainment system, using our media servers solves this part of the equation. Servers are easy to control and access throughout your home and can be integrated with ease into many different multi-room entertainment applications.

What next?

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