Intelligent lighting can bring warmth and character into your home. A well conceived lighting design has potential to enhance your interior space as well as cater for everyday lighting needs. It can be controlled from wireless control panels on the wall, from a touch screen or from a hand held remote.

Whats the Difference

Often referred to as mood or scene lighting, intelligent lighting gives you a selection of pre-programmed scenes at the touch of a button, for instance one button might dim the Ceiling rose to 40% turn to walls lights up to 80% and turn the garden lights on. Other features might include an ALL-OFF button by the front door to turn off all the lights in the home. Many other devices including Blinds and Privalight Glass can be controlled using certain lighting systems and included into the scenes as mentioned above.

We work with a number of manufacturers and specify lighting control systems which operate either stand alone or as part of a main Home Control System. Lighting control systems can replace multiple traditional dimmer switches to provide a simplified single button control to access to pre-programmed scenes for a number of uses for a room, whether it is relaxing, entertaining, watching TV or reading.

Electronic dimming saves significant energy and prolongs lamp life. Movement sensors in the house turn on lights when they are required and turn them off when they are not. External lights will only come on when it is dark and can be set to turn off at dawn. In new builds some low energy lighting is mandatory. A lighting control system can dim some types of fluorescent and LED fittings. This makes it much easier to aesthetically incorporate low energy lighting into a home. We also consult with interior designers and architects offering lighting design and supply on new build and renovation projects.

We are experienced and trained with many different lighting systems including Rako, Lutron and Mode Lighting.

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