Home Control


Controlling your home can be as basic as a universal remote control in your living room to work you television system, to a fully intergrated home giving you the access to control every aspect of your home from an ipad or in wall touchscreen. At PBI Audio Visual we work with you to understand what benefits you want from your Home Control System.

Many Possibilities

Having your home automated can be as simple as combining control of your heating, lighting and blinds but it can also control a whole lot more like audio, video, gate entry/intercom, security, air con, irrigation and basically any other controlled system. Control using a single touch panel in your main living areas or control via your ipad, can make it a very easy to get the required control over your home, or control using your iPhone when you’re away from home. The advantages of only having single point control using automation means that your wall doesn’t end up covered with witches, thermostats & control panels, but also means you have one simple way of accessing every part of your home with ease.


Home Control can also reduce your carbon footprint; making your heating consumption lower, saving on water in your irrigation system and saving on electric by automating your lighting and air con. Also having the ability to switch off your home at the press of a single button means that unnecessary energy consumption is minimized.

We work with various manufacturers like Control 4, Crestron, Rti and Rako to provide you a solution to suit all budgets and needs.

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