The Room


PBI Audio Visual will do bespoke cinema design, to include any customer requirements. we produce in house all of our drawings that can be supplied to architects or designers
to make sure your cinema room is exactly what you imagined.


the_room_03Acoustic treatments and a well planned room will make the most of your equipment. The design of the room will depend on whether it is primarily being used for watching film or for listening to music. Some rooms naturally sound better than others; the Major problem is usually that they are too ‘live’.
Sound waves reflect off hard surfaces such as stone, wood and glass this can cause echoes. This means that the sound can be indistinguishable, which is a problem particularly with dialogue. Carpets, rugs and curtains can help, we can integrate acoustic treatments into the décor and work with you on the design of the room to ensure it sounds as good as it possibly can.


To add that real Cinema Experience you can also have a variety of fully reclining cinema seats and furniture that come in a variety of styles, colors and finishes.


Complete installation

PBI Audio Visual will take on your whole Home cinema project including, minor building works, electrical installation and bespoke carpentry.

Dual Purpose

Some of our clients have a dual purpose room, normally a lounge or games room, which doubles up as a home cinema. Our wide variety of loudspeakers, and displays, together with years of design and integration experience, allow our systems to be totally unobtrusive without compromising the sound or image quality in any way.

What next?

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