Media Distribution

Distribution of Media around the home is becoming a must when it comes to sky, virgin and BT televison services, for one it can cut cost but also it gives you more flexibility to watch the same ‘box’, meaning you can watch your recordings in any room around the house.


High Definition

Having the best picture at every television is a key to a great media distribution system, making sure your favorite programs look their best whether your watching it in the lounge, the kitchen or even the bathroom.


There are so many ways to watch your movies, you can internet stream them via apple or netflix, play them on blu ray, or locally stream them on your network. being able to watch this content throughout your home is a must have, so your not limiting what you can watch to only one room.

Hard to Reach


even living spaces that are hard to reach like an outdoor gym, office or even outbuildings can be connected to your home media without major groundworks. media distribution is not limited to hard wired systems.


there are many different ways to control your home media systems these can vary from having multiple sky remotes to using your ipad, whatever suits your needs can be adapted into your home media distribution system.

What next?

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