Home Cinema Control

When watching your cinema you don’t want the hassle of many remotes and remembering what does what, so there are many easy methods to solve this and to keep the experience fun and relaxing.
Remotes can vary from something similar to your standard television remote to control your whole cinema, to full colour wireless touch panels, these remotes can view CCTV cameras, operate Lighting, view your media content and control multi room audio systems.


We have many years experience with these products and know what works and what is ‘easy to use’.

The Most popular way of controlling your home cinema system is using your iDevices, so you can use your iPad to switch on, selct a source and control your system, your ipad can also view your CCTV cameras and control your lighting, putting you in full control of your Home Cinema.
with most iDevice solutions we would reccomend a low cost remote as a back up or a ‘simple’ Method of control so your not playing ‘pass the iPad’ around the family.

What Can Be Controlled

In general most things in your cinema can be controlled, at the push of one button your controller can dim the lights, drop the screen, lower the blinds, turn on heating/air con, turn on all devices in the cinema setup and much more. This controller is an extra that does more then just impress it makes your life easier and simplifies you cinema experience.



PBI do all of there own programming and always make the controller as easy or as complex as the customer wants, we supply and program many different controllers including Crestron and Philips Pronto.


We can offer in house demonstrations or a demonstration facility of most of our products, so you can listen and view the equipment before any decisions are made.

What next?

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