Home Cinema

PBIAV install bespoke home cinema installations that are designed to your requirements our solutions are easy to operate and designed to be flexible enough should your needs change.

Specialising in offering a personal service to every client ranging from Architects and Interior Designers, to Property Developers and Private Individuals.


We offer to manage every aspect of your home Cinema installation, this can include:

  • CAD design
  • Minor building work
  • Electrical work
  • Lighting deisgn
  • Interior deisgn
  • Acoustic treatments
  • Procurement of bespoke furitniture and seating
  • Installation of your Home cinema equimptment
  • Control system design and setup
  • Audio & Visual Calibration

home-cinema-4Whatever your ideas on what Home Theatre should be, PBI Audio visual can design & install it for you

  • A dedicated ‘Private Cinema’ room?
  • A Cinema System in your lounge?
  • A Projection System, Or maybe a large screen Plasma, LED or OLED TV?
  • Invisible speakers behind the projection screen or in the walls/ceilings; Small discrete speakers; Speakers that look like artworks?
  • Dedicated Cinema or Lounge Seating?

Home Cinema Screens

There are many differnt solutions when it comes to your screen. You have projection screens varying from curved, multi format or even floating zero edge screens the choice is endless. Or you have the vast choice of telveision screen, with sizes up to 120″ this solution can be very impressive in the cinema enviroment.
we also do many dual screen solutions where you would have a large smart televsion for everyday viewing, with an elctric projection screen that will drop out of the ceiling and immerse you into your cinema experience.


Full surround sound is a must in a home cinema, 5.1, 7.1 and multiple subwoofer solutions can be designed into a room with many different options available. Using a wide variety of loudspeakers ranging from the traditional floor standing and wall mounted options, to high quality in-ceiling and in-wall speakers; we can supply a solution to meet all needs.


We can create the ultimate in game experience using our knowledge and experience in the home cinema market integrating your games consoles such as Playstation, X Box or Nintendo Wii so that your gaming experience can be taken to a new level.

What to watch?

Your cinema can be a portal to all media, including:
Internet streaming, Satellite services, CCTV, or Even Home Control

After Install

home-cinema-6Upon installation of your cinema we calibrate your sound to suit your room and needs, and optimize your display, we can provide a yearly service and update to keep your system ‘healthy’ and so that you receive the very best experience from your investment.

We have the knowledge and expertise to give a great working solution that is easy listening, easy watching and easy to use.

What next?

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