Controlled Lighting

Make the Smart Home dream a reality. Mood lighting systems offer the user the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting at the touch of a single button despite controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits are split to define zones and highlight room features and then programmed to suit the different uses of a space.


Programming features allow master off control from any keypad or maybe a button to create a welcome home scene. The addition of a time-clock provides ‘Holiday Mode’ security, timed events and dawn/dusk programming.



Adding Controllable lighting to your existing property is not as difficult as it may seem as if can be retro fitted into your property using the exisiting mains wiring and light fittings. This gives you the ability to add dimmable lighting to just a single room like a Home Cinema or across many room or even your whole home.


Many Smart lighting Systems give you the ability to have switches that can control many different areas of lighting or even the whole house, you also have the ability to control and even change the programming via iPad or iPhone. All lighting systems allow home control systems to communicate and control them, via your remote control or even your television.

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