Control and Video Conferencing

Control systems bring your entire project together, giving the users a simple interface to use all aspects of the room or rooms. This can vary from a remote control to an in table touch screen, whatever suits the end user requirements.

Using customizable interfaces the user is able to send discrete codes to all manner of devices whether it is an LCD/Plasma, a projector or an amplifier. These interfaces can also be used to control the room, from blinds and curtains to lighting and air con. These systems give you the ability to know that a room is going to work every time seamlessly without prior knowledge of how it works or training.

Some control systems can give you the ability to monitor the rooms usage and to control the energy consumption of that room to reduce your carbon footprint.

The three main control systems that we most commonly use for our projects are Crestron, AMX and Extron but we have experience and knowledge with many more.

Video conferencing

Video Conferencing is a rapidly growing practice used by an increasing number of businesses to maximise their office time and productivity whilst reducing unnecessary travel related costs. With substantial improvements in recent technology, Video Conferencing allows you to attend numerous meetings around the world, on the same day, without leaving your office. Video and Audio conferencing can be added into a system making the room multi-functional. Conference systems need special attention in room design due to the high audio preferences needed within the sound systems control and settings.

We program and install a variety of manufacturers of Video conference components including Polycomm.

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