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Freeview is all the channels that are free with a TV license this is up to 100 channels that are also available on every other broadcast.

digital-tvDigital TV

Digital TV is the most watched of all broadcasts as a free service all you need is the correct aerial and tuner and your set to view around 100 channels free of charge.


Freesat is the alternative to digital TV but over satellite again all you need is the correct satellite (the same as a sky dish) and the correct tuner and your set to view around 100 channels free of charge.


Sky is a very popular broadcast using a satellite that cost from £18 to £50 a month and you get up 600 channels including sports movies music and documentaries, all of sky is recordable using their sky + service and they also offer a HD service with all new HD channels.

virgin-mediaVirgin Media

Virgin media is becoming Sky’s biggest rival using the alternative cable service; the only problem is that it is not a widely accessible broadcast only being viewed in fiber optic areas. To see if you’re in that area check on their website.

bt-visionBT Vision

BT vision is still a relatively new broadcaster that uses Freeview broadcasts and its own BT total broadband package to give you a recordable and accessible TV service, including HD channels.

bbc-iplayerBBC iPlayer

Iplayer has become a highly used free website to view the past weeks BBC TV and radio; it is a very good service but does need a high bandwidth internet to be able to watch smoothly and frequently.

apple-tvApple TV

Apple TV is mainly made for people who have iTunes accounts and have a lot of media in that format it can be a from scratch solution but is strictly pay as you go. Apple TV does not give you any Freeview channels but lets your view videos, movies and TV series you have purchased from the iTunes store. You can also rent movies and play all of your iTunes music through this system. It is best used along side an apple time capsule.

3d-tv3D TV

3D broadcasts are forecast to become increasingly mainstream, as costs fall and more Hollywood studios make films specially designed to be watched in 3D. Sky has already shown there first live 3D broadcast and are predicting to show a lot more. They key question is, when is technology going to allow us to view this in our homes, the answer is very soon. Samsung and Sony have i3d-tvnvested heavily and there are already many different technologies out there already the only problem is you do still need to wear glasses whether there shutter glasses or polarized they are still glasses and not what everyone wants just to sit at home watching TV.

Please call PBIAV if a 3D solution is what you want as there are many possibilities and technologies to choose from, we have investigated this area 3d-tvand are pleased to advise, consult, supply and install a 3D solution.




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