Regency, Cobham

A development from The Hyatt Group, a grand and luxurious home with a full home entertainment system, home cinema, lighting control, door entry, data/telephony network, CCTV system and Audio/Video Server.

Using in-wall touch panels in every main living area you can control the whole home, including Air conditioning, CCTV system and Music Server, Meaning you can turn all your lights on/off in the home from a one button press at the front door or turn off the lights downstairs from your bedroom. The whole system is also controllable via wireless TPMC-10 colour touch panel.

With Loewe Televisions fitted in flush mounted wall panels and aqua visions in wet environments the TV screens in this home are all very discretely installed and look very impressive.

The Imerge MS5000 server is accessible around the whole home via the Crestron system with a simple and easy to interface giving you a choice of your whole music collection and the ability to view your DVD collection in the Home Cinema.


Crestron Control System
Crestron Door Entry
6 Camera distribution and recording equipment

Crestron TPMC-10 wireless touch panel
Crestron TPS-2000 in wall touch panels

Rako RAK4 Modular lighting System

AquaVision and
Loewe LCD TV’s

Imerge MS5000 Server

In Wall Speakers
Crane Subwoofer
Sanyo Projector
ScreenLine Fixed Screen
Crestron wireless touch screen controller