Speakers can be any shape, any size and can go any where including in the ceiling andP1010168 under the floor. Choosing the right speakers for the job can be a hard decision due to getting the right aesthetics and budgetary requirements.

In a dedicated home cinema, speakers being on show is never a problem and some people do prefer to see there speakers when they can some times be one of the largest costs of the theater. But it is becoming more commonplace for speakers to be hidden in a room either behind a screen or in the wall.

The amount of speakers commonly used is a 5.1 system meaning five loudspeakers and a sub-woofer, but it can be 5.2, 7.1, 7.2, or even 9.1 and 9.2. But in commonplace 5.1 is a preferred system and sounds very good. Because of having a sub-woofer the low frequency is taken care so you don’t have to have giant speakers but on the other hand you don’t want to loose your mid frequency by having too small speakers.

We use a huge variety of different speaker manufacturers here are some of our favourites.


Sonance have been the pioneers of in-cavity speakers since the 80s and take great care in the design of their products and variety of applications their products can be applied to. Their speakers are of a very high quality Build & Sound Quality and manage to blend seamlessly into any room without being obtrusive.


bower-wilkins-logobower-wilkins A UK speaker manufacturer B&W take great care in the design of their products and strive to simplify the crossovers in their speakers to produce the purest of sound on the market. B&W have a huge variety to choose from, varying from in-wall and in ceiling to floor standing.

waterfall Waterfall-logo   Waterfall has pioneered the fusion of High End Audio and Interior Design with its glass loudspeakers, becoming a piece of art or at the same time, disappearing blending or enhancing any Interior style.

paradigm-speakersparadigm Paradigm – manufacturers of the very finest loudspeakers from Canada. A comprehensive selection of in-wall, in-ceiling and exquisitely designed floor standing speakers. The Reference and Signature series are all completely hand built at the headquarters in Canada.

stealth-acousticsstealth-acoustics-logo Stealth acoustics manufacture totally invisible in wall speakers that can be plastered over, and therefore not conflicting with any decor. They are great speakers but of course you’re never going to get the same effect as a floor standing, but it’s a great choice for those rooms where you just don’t want to see speakers.

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