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Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital dimming technology. Their innovative solutions meet the needs of a diverse range of applications by offering lighting systems, blind and other control solutions that are simple to use, creative and cost effective. As you’d imagine, they have got all the basics right but where they outsmart other offerings is that Rako provide all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system but without the hassle of re-wiring. Rako modules can be quickly and easily installed into any environment, domestic or commercial, from hotel bedrooms and function rooms to restaurants and churches.

Rako is not just for the retro fit market; Rako is a great option in new builds and commercial refits making lighting and control solutions easy to design and install. Rako has a wide variety of wired and wireless solutions making additions and changes to projects easy to adapt to and not causing major problem as with other manufactures. PBIAV has a long standing relationship with the Rako team and have been installing their product for over 8 years now; we have the experience and knowledge of the product to maximize what it can offer your project or development, and we regularly keep up to date with changes in the product range and know the full capabilities of what Rako can do.

rako1Rako lead the way in dimmable LED lighting control, as the energy efficient LED is now becoming the most widely used lighting application, it can cause problems when it comes to dimming and control, rako can work with many different fittings and fixtures to control and dim LED lighitng.

Rako can also control blinds, curtains, doors or any on/off device around the home using a variety of modular devices. Rako is also the only controlled lighting system that can interface and control your sonos music system so from your light switches you can have manual control of your volume and even source.

iDevice control is also an extra with a Rako System, this lets you control individual channels of lighting and all blind/curtain control. It is also possible to control your Rako system remotely from anywhere using their App.

The Rako system can also be controlled automatically via astronomical clock that can switch your lighting and blinds to different scenes depending on sunset and sunrise.

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