Modern projectors offer much better picture quality than you might expect, with up to 300 inch screens possible and images that have to be seen to be believed.

For the ultimate Super large screen, projection is still the most suited to the job and with the ever competing technologies market the picture quality, clarity and depth is always increasing.

To truly bring the cinema feel and experience into your own home then look no further than projectors.



Italian styling means there is no mistaking a Sim 2 projector; Sim 2 offers a full range of DLP projectors. Most notable amongst these is the C3X1080 the world’s smallest full 1080p 3 chip DLP projector. Sim2 offer a great selection in home cinema projectors including their new LED projector, using the latest technological advances they give you the best picture in the business.



For many years now JVC has been the pioneers of D-ILA projectors and their innovative technologies. JVC has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence worldwide by receiving a number of distinguished awards from the electronics industry. In addition to this, JVC has enhanced brightness (extended white peak) and deeper, richer blacks (wide dynamic range) to ensure image reproduction that is vivid and full of depth, making these projectors perfectly suited for viewing diverse content such as movies, computer games, music videos as well as live concert performances and sports programmes. With the addition of multi format viewing and 4k resolution to their line of projectors makes them one of the best quality Home cinema projector on the market.



Panasonic has a range of projectors to meet a variety of needs. Whether you are looking for a Full HD DLP projector, or an installation projector for conference and meeting rooms, or the world’s smallest SD slide projector to simply enjoy slideshows, Panasonic has a model to suit.


epsom-projectorEpson are not a highly regarded as we believe they should be, there new TW5500 is a great projector including super resolution technology that can increase resolution and detail in certain DVD content it is definitely something to consider.

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