Projector Screens

A projector screen is a key part of any home cinema, of course you will see any projected image on a white wall, it really won’t be the desired effect that the TV program or film was intended to look. Projector screens unlike LCD or Plasma screens are not likely to go out of date and therefore are a very good investment and it is worth while in getting a high quality screen in the outset of designing your cinema.

There are many differing types of projector screens available and the main difference other than size is the features. A fixed screen is a permanent fixture in a room and is always in view, this generally the cheapest option. Having an electronic roll screen is the next stage up, the key part of roll screens are tension so hence you will find tab-tension screens being an option. The next stage is in ceiling mounted screens, the biggest price jump from there is electronic masking screens that can give you screen differing heights or widths to take advantage of full widescreen movies and 4:3 projections.

The other difference in screens is the type and quality of the fabric. The image projected is only as good as the reflective properties of the screen, different fabrics can be used to focus that light more directly back to the viewer and it can allow projectors to be used in daylight and for a wider field of vision in large cinema installations. This is known as ‘gain’. Finally the fabric can also be acoustically transparent meaning that the speakers can be placed behind the screen out of sight, allowing a room to have a larger screen.

The choice of screen really can change your cinema for the better and these are some of the leading brands.



ScreenLine have been producing projections screens from their base in Trento, Italy since as early as 1985 in the wake of the emerging market for video projectors. Their experience has enabled them to grow the brand into one of the market leaders. We believe that the products offer very high quality and specification while remaining competitively priced.



Whether you need a front projection screen or are considering the benefits of rear projection, Da-Lite produce one. There comprehensive line of projection screens from the popular electric, manual or rear projection screens for permanent applications or from a wide range of portable screens if your needs require moving the screen to different locations. Regardless of application, Da-Lite offers a solution that is perfect for your installation.


SmX is a manufacturer of the finest award winning fixed video projection screens and motorized masking systems. SmX produce Cinemascope screens and as the projection world changes, more home theatres are converting to CinemaScope screens. A super wide Cinemascope screen allows you to watch a widescreen movie the way Hollywood intended it to be viewed and gives you 33% more resolution from your projector. The only downfall is it is a fixed screen so it is always on show.

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