Mirror Televisions

Integrating television seamlessly into the most beautiful interiors. A Mirror television is one of the best ways of hiding what has become the focal point of most living areas in our homes, we can provide a bespoke mirror finish to any television or a custom made Reflectv for those wanting that bit extra.

There are many options to choose from depending on what area you are choosing a mirror tv for;

Framed Mirror television for the traditional above fireplace or on wall mounting

Bespoke SolutionsBespoke Solutions

Kitchen Splashback television for a statement piece with a hidden feature

Bespoke SolutionsBespoke Solutions

Bathroom in wall television for a wet environment

Bespoke SolutionsBespoke Solutions

There are a huge variety of bespoke frames and options within mirror televisions so you can add that personal touch to what would normally be a generic purchase.

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