TV Screens

Flat Screen TV’s are now common place in any home, we supply and install many brands of screen.

At pbi audio visual we make sure you get the most out of your televisions, we make it a priority to make sure that your screen is installed to the highest standard and that you get to use every technology within it.


We strive to make sure that the choice of screen is not based only on how it looks when its installed but the picture quality is at it best, at pbi we are ISF and THX certified, this means that we can tweak your screens to customize them into the room and surroundings they have been installed in. We are firm believers that no technology is perfect straight out of a box, and spending the time to calibrate a screen can improve performance, energy efficiency, quality and enjoyment of the overall installation.


LED, OLED, LCD & PlasmaP1010286

The choice seems endless and confusing but we will help you find out what type of screen benefits you and your home to maximise the effectiveness within its surroundings, a screen should always be a feature to be enjoyed in a room not something that just has to be there.

We use many different techniques to mount and install your screens as to not make them intrude into the space they are within, but always make sure they are being used to their full effectiveness. Whether its flush mounted into custom woodwork or hidden in a cupboard, we can accommodate all ideas and designs to make your screen fit the aesthetics of your room.


Some Of The Brands We Support and Supply

samsung panasonic loewe

aquavision-bathaquavisionA completely independent waterproof television that is built to the latest regulations in waterproofing and safety, it is designed to integrate into your bathroom or any other room. With its’ slim profile, an Aquavision unit can easily be fitted into any stud or solid wall and tiled or plastered up to give that truly ‘built in’ look that will enhance any area. All units feature heated screen areas to prevent the front misting up in humid conditions or even freezing up in cold conditions, and come with a floating remote control. Aquavision TV’s come in many different sizes and finishes including mirrored and black.

neod-screenneod NEOD Frame-TV uses Full HD LCD displays by Loewe inside a case with a mirror glass front, with a frame that can be chosen from a choice of many and is fully interchangeable or can be hand made in the UK to make your screen a work of art in its own right.

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