crestronCrestron are market leaders in control systems for the Commercial and Residential markets. They have a huge product range offering the most simple to the most advance controlled solution that covers full automation, media delivery, lighting, heating, intercom and basically any other device that can be controlled. Touch panels are vivid and well made with internal sound and microphone for intercom solutions like door and gate entry. We design our systems so you can control a whole property from any Wi-Fi or in wall touch panel meaning you can select your media and room settings, view your Cameras and gate entry from any part of the property.

If you can imagine with a conventional build your walls soon get filled with wall panels controlling lights, heating, gate entry, CCTV, Aircon, security, curtains and blinds etc, not only being a congested look but also adding to the cost, that can offset the cost for a Crestron Central Management Solution.

crestron1We have over 15 years of product and programming experience with Crestron and have demonstration equipment so we can show you examples of the range either at your location or at a demonstration site. We have our own in house programmers so changes can be made immediately, we can also arrange offsite changes via the Internet if we have specified and configured the system. Another great feature is you can control you home over the internet via password so where ever you are with internet access you can logon control your home and view your CCTV.

iPhone’s, and Laptops can now be used for control of your Crestron system via web based control

crestron2With Crestron products you know that you will have a superior system that is programmed to your exacting specifications.

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