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Control4 offers automation solutions for practically any device or function in the home or office.


There’s no one-size-fits-all package. The beauty of Control4—and what sets it apart from other automation solutions out there is that you can design an automation solution that truly meets your lifestyle, needs and budget, not someone else’s idea of what you might need.

Control4_Lifestyle_067With Control4 4Sight with Anywhere Access, you have the ability to control and manage your home, and the devices and appliances within it—from anywhere at any time. You can also see if you left the garage door open from your office, get a text notification when your kids get home from school, set your lights to vacation mode when you’re away, or Switch on the heating on a cold drive home from work. Control4 has the ability to use your every day devices as control solutions so from your television you can control your heating and air con, you can make a playlist or just select a blu ray from your library. You can use your iPhone to control your tv and music system, or from a light switch adjust the volume of the music in that room. The beauty of control4 is that every device in your home all look and feel one and the same, they work in an identical way what has a great benefit that anyone can use these systems without a speacialist to teach them all of the different elements of your home.

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