CCTV in residential and commercial properties can be essential. We have been installing CCTV Systems for over 10 years and we keep update date with what new technology is appearing on the market and what the customers want.

Watching your cameras on TV is not as hard as you may think. Combining your cctv into your RF system is the easier way this can be done giving you a TV channel with your cctv cameras on it. But technology has moved on and now cctv can be distributed via any format around your property to be viewed.


Full HD CCTV giving you the best quality images when viewing your property, Pan and Tilt movement giving you the ability to change your view. Full HD Night Vision so you can see all of your property 24 hours a day.


It is possible to view your cctv on your pc or mac and also makes it very easy to check what is going on very quickly and easily. It can also be remotely viewed from anywhere in the world.



Viewing CCTV on your iPhone or iPad is a very popular way to view cctv and normally is not as expensive as you would think plus you can view as many cameras as you like.


Cameras are not as obtrusive as many would think and there are many devices and design available now so you make sure you property doesn’t look like fort Knox unless you want it to that is. Cameras come in many different varieties, and we make sure that the cameras we choose are the right ones for the job and do what the customer wants for example there is no point in having night vision cameras that can only see 5 metres in front of the camera if the camera is mounted on a 6 metre pole.

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