Bespoke Solutions

Seamlessly integrating technology into the most beautiful homes and interiors is a hard compromise, at PBI we can create bespoke solutions to solve these problems.

Hidden Televisions & Monitors 

There are many options to choose from depending on what area the television is for, below are some of our latest bespoke hidden televisions

Artwork/Photograph Televisions; hiding your TV behind your favourite piece of artwork or a family photograph


Motorized Furniture; hiding your television within the furniture is not a new concept but works very well, concealing the television from view until its needed and with the press of the remote control the television will appear

Mirror Televisions; hiding your television in plain site with a mirror finish and frame is a one of the best ways to have a beautiful focal point in a room that is multi-purpose


Simple Control

Having a smart home is fantastic as long as it is easy to manage and control so hiding all those controls is key to having the easy life with a connected home

Combining all those remotes into one simple interface


Combing all the wall controllers into one simple interface

Tidying away all the unsightly Black boxes and cables

PIC 10

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